Amtrak's Chicago & Milwaukee Service Digital Photos
by Mike Condren

A day along the Chicago and Milwaukee
Oct. 28, 2006

The goals for this day were to get photos of the old and new Amtrak stations at Sturtevant, WI. Here we see view so the new station.

The first train that appeared was Amtrak #331 from Chicago heading to Milwaukee at 9:44 am.

The old Sturtevant Depot is scheduled to be torn down in the not too distant future, the reason for this trip.

The freight had just disappeared around the curve when Amtrak # 334 led by "cabbage" #90224 appeared around the corner at 11:21am.

Amtrak #334 pulled down to the cross-overs and awaited Amtrak #333 at 11:28 am. Train #334 did not continue south until after train #333 had completed its stop at Sturtevant at 10:31 am.

This Amtrak structure provides passenger stairs and elevator to get to the other track. It also can serve as a platform for shooting trains. Each tower has a balconey and window for shooting trains. However, on this Saturday in late October, it was a very windy location where it was difficult to stand still when the wind was at its strongest. With the air temperature in the 40s, the wind chill was near 0!

Amtrak track #336 with #90221 in the lead and #30 puching arrives at 1:27 pm. The wind was still blowing and at one point blew the cap of the conductor's head.

Amtrak #336 was followed by CP 5849 and "big red barn" CP 9004 on a eastbound at 2:10. Before it clears Amtrak #335 comes into view with Amtrak #179 leading, its third appearance of the day.

I snapped one last shot of the station as I was leaving.

As we left Milwaukee, I shot back down the train towards the Wheel of Fortune and power, June 14, 2008.

Our second stop was at the new Sturtevant station. Then we flew by the former Sturtevant station, June 14, 2008.

Train #334 has just crossed Canal Street and is about to pass Lake Street Tower and enter Chicago Union Station, June 14, 2008.

Friday July 20, 2012
Ride Amtrak Chicago to Milwaukee

The clouds had given way to clear skies before we reached Milwaukee where I shot the head-end of our train.

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